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Tips For Maintaining A Commercial Elevator

Most multi-story commercial buildings have one or more elevators that are used by multiple people each day. Thus, it is essential to ensure that the elevators in a building are always in good working order. If you own or manage a large commercial building, it is important that you make elevator maintenance a priority. Ensuring that elevators are cared for properly will help prevent costly repairs and also make sure that the elevators are less likely to break down between floors while there are people inside. Use the following tips to properly maintain the elevators in your building:

Schedule Regular Inspections

One of the easiest ways to keep the elevators in a building operating properly is by scheduling regular inspections with your preferred elevator maintenance company. Elevators should be inspected by a professional on at least an annual basis, but more frequent inspections can be beneficial. During an elevator inspection, all of the components of the elevator will be checked to ensure that everything works properly. Regular elevator inspections are a simple way for small issues to be detected so the necessary repairs can be made before those small issues turn into big problems that can cause the elevator to break down.

Keep a Repair Log

When there are one or more elevators in a building, there should always be a repair log on hand for each elevator. An easily accessible elevator repair log will provide the information needed to gauge how well an elevator is operating. If you notice that an elevator is having the same issue repeatedly and needing multiple repairs, it may indicate that major components inside the elevator need to be replaced. It is also a good idea to have a repair log just in case you decide to switch to a new elevator repair company in the future. The repair log will give your new elevator repair company important information about your elevators.

Have Elevators Professionally Cleaned

Elevators should be clean, but it is in your best interest to leave the cleaning to professionals. Strong industrial cleaners are often used for cleaning elevators, and if you do not know how to properly use the cleaners, you could damage the interior panels of the elevator or cause problems with the electrical system in the door panel. A professional elevator cleaning company will know how to clean and disinfect the elevators in your building without causing any issues or damage.

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