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What to Do If Your Submersible Well Pump Won't Stop Running

A functioning water well on your property can be a tremendous boon for any homeowner, especially in locations where municipal water supplies can be unreliable or completely non-existent. However, any water well is only as useful as the pump that draws water out of it

Many residential well users across the US rely on submersible well pumps, and these unique pumps are prized for their efficiency and general reliability. However, submersible pumps are vulnerable to a few common malfunctions, and a submersible pump that refuses to stop pumping water out of a well can be a pretty alarming problem to deal with.

1. Why won't the submersible well pump stop running?

Defects in the pump's pressure sensors are probably the most common cause of continuous pumping in submersible well pumps. These sensors constantly measure the pressure of the well water as it passes through the pump, and have automatic cut-off switches prevent excessive pressure from damaging the well's water line. If a pressure sensor is damaged, its cut-off switch may not function, preventing the pump from deactivating automatically.

Pressure sensor problems can cause rapid flooding if the stricken pump is not deactivated quickly. However, if your pump is running continuously but isn't pumping any water, it may be losing pressure from further up the waterline. Leaks and tears in the water line can prevent adequate water from reaching the surface, causing the pump to run continuously even as the leak(s) spill water back into the well. 

Damage inside a submersible pump can also induce pressure loss and cause your pump to run continuously. If your pump has been in use for a long time, or your well water contains a lot of solid matter (such as rocks and soil), the pump's impeller may be damaged and unable to produce sufficient water pressure. 

In very rare cases, a submersible well pump may become impossible to deactivate because of a serious malfunction in the pump's motor prevents it from turning off. In these cases, the only way to stop the pump from running is by disconnecting the power source, but this is an extremely uncommon occurrence.

2. What should you do if the submersible well pump won't stop running?

If your submersible pump runs for long periods without pumping significant amounts of water or keeps running even when you hit the manual shut-off switch, you must deactivate it by disconnecting its power source as quickly as possible. 

Your next step should be to have the water levels inside your well measured, professionally if necessary. In some cases, submersible pumps run continuously because there simply isn't enough water left in the well. In these situations, you may want to have your pump replaced with a smaller, less powerful model to moderate your well water usage.

If water levels in your well are adequate, you should call in a professional well pump service and repair company at your earliest convenience. Attempting to repair a submersible well pump yourself can be very hazardous, and even retrieving it from its position deep inside your well can put you at serious risk. Contact services like Coast Water Well Service Inc to learn more about repairing or replacing your malfunctioning pump.

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