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Recognizing Roof Damage After A Windstorm

Wind is a powerful weather element -- in fact, wind is powerful enough to cause significant damage to a house, including the roof. However, spotting the damage is sometimes a challenge, since damage isn't always evident. If you recently experienced a wind event near your home, learn what you can do to determine whether or not your roof is damaged.


Walk around the perimeter of your home to see if you spot any granules on the ground. Granules are tiny black speckles that line the surface of an asphalt shingle. In addition to adding color to a shingle, they protect the shingles from UV rays and help fortify the shingle. An asphalt shingle without granules does little to protect your roof and your home. If you notice granules on the ground or in your gutter drains, it's critical that you have the damaged shingles repaired promptly. 


Try to get a peek at your roof to see if you notice any debris, such as branches, yard fixtures, or any other object that doesn't belong on the roof. If there is any debris on your roof, you need to contact a roof professional for an inspection as soon as possible. Any object on your roof that was driven by the wind has likely caused some damage to the roof. 

Sagging Gutters

Look at your gutters to see if you notice any sagging areas. High winds can cause the gutters to dent, sag, and even dislodge from your house. Sagging gutters might not indicate immediate damage to your roof, but if you ignore the issue, major roof damage is likely around the corner. When your gutters are damaged, rainwater has no way to roll off your roof, and will instead pool on the roof and cause damage. Have the gutters replaced as soon as possible. 


Look around the interior of your home to see if you notice any issues with moisture, mainly around the upper levels of your home. Damage from granule loss or debris on your roof can create an entryway for water to leak through your roof. If you have an attic, damaged insulation is a red flag. If you don't have an attic, dark spots on the ceiling in the upper level of your home could also indicate a leak. 

If you suspect damage to your roof, it's time to contact a wind damage roof repair company in your area. Damage to your roof from a wind storm can cause long-term, costly consequences, so don't put off the issue. 

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Vinyl Siding Variations

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