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Livestock Gates, Fence Repairs, And More: How Temporary Fence Panels Help Restrain Large Livesock

Keeping large livestock safely inside their enclosures is the key to safety for farmers who must work around these animals. Because adult cattle, horses, and hogs can weigh anywhere from several hundred to a few thousand pounds, they can pose a serious risk to people, property, and traffic should they escape. 

Keeping livestock fences in good condition can be difficult, creating the need for emergency repairs and alterations to sometimes be needed very quickly. If you are keeping large livestock on your farm, here are some excellent reasons to invest in a supply of temporary fence panels to help you succeed in keeping your fences safe for both you and your animals. 

The need for a temporary gate

There are many reasons why large livestock owners may find themselves in need of a temporary gate for an opening in their fence line. These include the following scenarios: 

  • replacing a gate that has been damaged by a vehicle, large animal, or storm
  • securing a new opening in a fence line until a permanent gate can be installed
  • closing off narrow areas in and around barns, corrals, and other areas to restrict or change livestock access

Livestock owners who maintain a supply of high-quality temporary fence panels can use them to install a safe, effective gate solution wherever one is needed in just minutes. 

To do this, cover the opening with one or two fence panels, depending on the width, securing each end to an existing fence or post with heavy wire or sturdy chain at the top and bottom. If using two fence panels to secure a wide opening, fencing snaps can provide animal-safe closures that can be easily opened and closed at the point where the two panels meet. 

The need for a fast fence repair

Falling trees, damage from hay equipment, and decaying fence posts are just some of the reasons that a livestock fence may need a fast repair. Livestock owners who lack the time or labor needed to remove damaged fencing, set new posts, and install new wire can turn a time-intensive job into a five-minute repair by using one or more temporary fence panels. 

The panels can be set inside or outside the existing section of damaged fence and secured quickly with wire, fencing snaps, or chain. To learn even more reasons to have temporary fence panels on hand or to order some for your farm, large livestock owners should contact a reputable, local fence contractor. 

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