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2 Warning Signs Your Construction Site's Boom Crane Is Not Safe to Operate

If you regularly use a boom crane to transport materials on various construction sites, you want to make sure the machinery is kept in optimal operating condition to avoid injury and property damage. While performing your regular inspections, look for the following two warning signs that your construction site's boom crane is not safe to operate.

The Cable Becomes Frayed

When your crane's cable is fully intact, it is able to withstand the maximum load capacity listed by your model's manufacturer. However, if it becomes frayed, this is a sign that the metal fibers of the cable have started to break and may not be strong enough to carry a heavy load of materials without breaking.

If you see any fraying on the cable, do not use the crane until you replace it. The cable could snap in mid-air, making the load come crashing down. If anyone is in the area when this happens, they could be seriously hurt or killed.

After having the cable replaced, keep an eye on it to see if fraying occurs again. If so, this could be a sign that something on the metal boom is rubbing against the cable. If this is the case, you need to have it checked out before replacing the cable again, as the problem will only keep reoccurring. 

Leveling Anchors Are Not Working Properly

Another warning sign that your boom crane is no longer safe to use is when the leveling anchors are no longer working properly. To keep the crane and the cargo load from shifting and tipping over, these anchors ensure the entire setup is level and securely fastened to the ground.

However, if the leveling anchors are broken, you will be unable to keep the crane level and upright. This unevenness could result in a shift in the cargo's weight while you are transporting it.

Not only could the weight shift make the load fall, but it could create enough force in the swing to make the crane itself lift up off the ground and fall forward or over on its side. Before operating the machinery again, you will need to have a professional repair the problem.

If you notice any of the above warning signs, you should not attempt to operate the boom crane until the necessary repairs are made. While your crane is out of commission, contact a crane rental company to discuss your options for renting a temporary one so your construction project does not suffer from any delays.

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