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Effective Ways To Increase The Visibility Of Your Glass Railings For Birds

A second-floor deck, perhaps off your master bedroom, is an enticing addition to any home. Even if the deck is small, the idea of stepping outside and enjoying your morning coffee and a book is highly desirable. Solid glass railings are a perfect choice for this type of deck. Their transparency won't make the space seem smaller than it is, and you'll also be able to look down and enjoy your yard while you sit. Given the height of the deck, you want to avoid birds flying into the glass panels and hurting themselves — and possibly even breaking the glass. Here are some simple things you can have your contractor do.

Install Tinted Glass

Many homeowners opt for tinted glass instead of perfectly transparent glass. Whether tinted blue, charcoal, brown, or another color, the glass will appear to be more of a solid object to neighborhood birds, which should ideally prevent them from attempting to fly through it. If you don't like the idea of tinted glass, an alternative is frosted glass panels. They'll also appear more solid to birds. The slight drawback for you, however, is that you might not be able to clearly see through them, depending on the degree of frosting.

Use Bold Accents

Glass railings consist of glass panels with vertical posts at regular intervals and a traditional railing that sits atop the glass panels. By selecting a bold look for these elements, you'll make the entire deck structure more visible to birds. For example, instead of having clear glass posts and a railing, opt for something in a dark color, such as black or dark gray. You can also talk to your contractor about having these elements thick. The thicker they are, the more solid your deck structure will appear — and, ideally, this will keep the birds away.

Affix Decals

Some tasteful decals on the individual panels of glass can be an effective way to keep the birds away from the deck structure. There are a number of different styles of decals that you can use; some people opt for decals shaped like birds, but this isn't the only choice if you find this look a little tacky. A series of squares or other shapes, for example, can add visual appeal to the glass panels, as well as hopefully keeping birds away. You can have your contractor install these decals for you, or you can buy them afterward and do the work yourself.

If you are looking for a contractor to install your glass railings, consider a company like California Reflections Inc.

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