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Determining How Many Main Electrical Switches You Need: Consulting With An Industrial Electrical Contractor

When you are revamping an industrial space to turn it into a live factory, electricity is going to be one of your biggest concerns. The electrical boxes present will need to provide enough electricity to the whole factory, and you may even have to install a few more. Every box you install will need auto kill switch too. The kill switch may also be known as a main switch, because it is frequently marked "main." For this type of project, you will want to consult an industrial electrical contractor. He or she can help you determine the number of main switches you need and extra boxes you need to install.

Assessing Your Expected Electrical Needs

If you already know every machine, appliance, light and electrical demand your factory will need, you can give this information to the electrical contractor. He or she can make a generous calculation of the total sum of watts/amps you will need per hour, then subtract the total watts/amps your current electrical boxes are able to produce. This leaves a number whereby the contractor can figure out how many more electrical boxes will need to be installed and the maximum number of amps those boxes have to be to accommodate the remaining electrical demands.

Installing Extra Electrical Boxes

After finding out how many additional electrical boxes will need to be installed, you and the electrical contractor can and will discuss just where to install these boxes. Sometimes it helps not to have all of the boxes on the same electrical grid, as well as to plug energy-consuming machines into their own electrical box for easier control. That way, if there is any sort of electrical problem or the machine overheats, your employees can pull the main switch on the box to which the machine is wired and shut down the machine quickly. After your meeting with the contractor regarding the installation of extra boxes, the boxes are installed where you agreed to have them placed.

Switches Inside the Boxes versus Switches Outside

Now, you and your electrical contractor have to make a very important judgment call. The main switches inside an electrical box are not only difficult to get to in an emergency, but also dangerous to pull. Main switches outside the box are large, easy to grab for anyone (including those with prosthetic hands), and will not cause tragic accidents when pulled. If you decide you want this kind of kill/main switch on all of the boxes in the factory, the contractor can install these switches on the old boxes that do not have them while installing them on the new boxes as well.

For more information about updating the electrical system in your building, talk to an industrial electrical contractor like Arts Electric.

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