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Help! Why Does The Garage Door Get Stuck Halfway Down?

Garages are great for keeping cars safely stored away overnight and protected from changing temperatures throughout the day. Sometimes the doors don't work the way they should. One of the issues you may need to troubleshoot is the door getting stuck halfway down. Here are the most common reasons for this, so you can fix the door.

Check the 'Door Limit' Setting

A door limit setting being incorrect will usually cause the door to get stuck halfway. You'll need to check for the limit switch under the garage door opener and check the setting. Turn it counter clockwise for the 'Down' setting and check every now and then to see how close to the ground the door shuts. Always check regularly to avoid the garage door slamming down too much and damaging parts. For more info about openers, visit

Check the Door Alignment

The alignment of the door should be equal on both sides. If one side closes quicker than the other, it will make the door get stuck part way down the track. This could be as simple as one side not being lubricated properly, or the door may not be sitting in the runners properly.

Improve the door alignment and test the closing again. It should now run smoothly on both sides and shut the whole way.

Check the Pressure

Sometimes the problem is linked to the weather. While you can't do anything about Mother Nature, you can change the pressure on the door to prevent weather becoming an issue. If your door has a 'force adjuster,' you'll need to change it to work with the current conditions. It is often best to leave this to a professional, as you could adjust the force too much and make it dangerous for those using the door.

Check for Any Obstructions

Look at the runners for any loose nails, screws or springs. Just the slightest obstruction within the door can stop it from shutting. If you try to force the door over this section, you run the risk of causing far more damage to the whole structure.

When there is an obstruction, clear it while the power is off. Replace any damaged or bent screws and springs, and make sure the track is free from any other previously unnoticed obstruction. Run your hand up and down the track to feel for anything.

Don't try to force the door down until you've made all the necessary changes. This will protect the other elements of the garage door while you find the exact reason for it stopping halfway.

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