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Four Solutions To Reduce Musty Smells And Moisture Problems In Your Basement

If you have a finished basement, a constant battle you will face is the musty smells of moisture. This can be caused due to minor problems like condensation, or it can be due to flooding and other problems in your basement. Getting rid of the smell can be a lot easier with some pro tips. If you need help getting rid of the musty smells of moisture in your basement, here are some solutions you may want to try:

1. Clean Your Basement With A Fine-Toothed Comb

Dust and dirt that collects in your basement can provide the perfect hiding place for pests, mold, mildew and moisture. Clean your basement from the top of the ceilings to the bare floors. This can help reduce the smells that may be lingering. It may be a good idea to use materials that are easier to clean and that are water resistant, such as vinyl wall panels. In addition, use cabinets with feet, so you can clean beneath them.

2. Address Problems With Moisture In The Basement Of Your Home

Moisture problems can be caused by many different issues. It may be a small crack in a wall that allows water to get in, or a pipe that collects condensation. Make the necessary repairs and improvements to any moisture problems in your basement to keep musty smells under control. You may also want to consider an interior drainage system to help deal with any excess moisture that gets into your basement.

3. Improve Air Circulation With Better Ventilation And Air Circulation

Poor air circulation can prevent moisture from drying out. With better ventilation and air circulation in your basement, you can prevent many of the musty smells. You may want to add a ventilation system if you do not have air conditioning in the basement. If the basement is air conditioned, make sure that the vents of ducts stay open.

4. Add Natural Light And Heat To Avoid Mold And Mildew

Cold air and no light can also contribute to musty smells in a basement. Add natural light to your basement with more windows. You can also use solar lights that can mount on the roof and have tubes that extend to the basement. Heat your basement as well to prevent cool, stagnant air. During the spring and summer months, open the basement windows to ventilate the old, cold air.

These are some solutions that you can try to deal with the moisture and musty smells in your basement. If you have recently had a water problem in your basement, contact a foundation repair contractor, such as Prolift of Mississippi foundation repair service, to get help keeping the water out. 

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