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Three Factors To Look For When Selecting Granite Countertops

You may be considering granite for your kitchen's countertops because it is a stone that is versatile, attractive, and durable. These factors have caused granite to become a popular choice with homeowners in recent years. Since granite can last for your entire lifetime, selecting the right kind of granite is an important decision that you should not rush into. Consider these three factors when selecting granite countertops to help ensure that you pick the right piece of stone

Granite Type

The first step is deciding on which kind of granite you want for your home. The three types you can pick from include slab, prefabricated, and tiled.

For a DIY installation, tiled granite will be a great choice. The tiles make it simple to install, and the material is relatively cheap. The downfall of granite tiles is that the material requires more cleaning than other types. Dirt, food, and crumbs can easily accumulate in the seams, which will require cleaning from time to time.

Modular granite is a great middle ground in terms of price and functionality. It has fewer seams, which some people think looks more attractive. The material will still be cheaper than using a solid slab of granite, which is on the high end of granite materials. A slab can look great when used as a kitchen centerpiece.

Patterns and Colors

Once you've decided on the granite type, you can choose a pattern and color.

You must remember that granite will come in all kinds of patterns and colors because it is a natural stone. No two pieces of granite will look identical, and a specific type of pattern and color may have limited availability based on the stone it was sourced from. When shopping around for granite, do not be afraid to visit multiple stores and look at the many varieties available. One store may offer that perfect pattern and color that another store doesn't.

Selecting a color that is more solid is best for small kitchens that are minimalistic, while speckled and marbled granite can add sophistication to a larger kitchen that has the room to absorb a busier pattern. 


The detailing around the edge of your granite is the last thing you will need to consider. A simple eased edge will be inexpensive, with beveled and bull-nosed edges being more elegant. Waterfall edges will look best in kitchens that are large, modern, or opulent.

Still not sure on the type of granite that will work best for your kitchen? Visit a company that can help guide you to a style that will work best with your budget and your home.

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