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Garage Door Questions New Homeowners May Have

The garage door is a major component for many homes, but these devices are frequently misunderstood by homeowners. As a result, these people may not know what upgrades or repairs their door may require, and this can lead to a decrease in the door's performance. To help ensure that your home gets the most from these doors, you should follow these tips to make sure that you understand these questions and answers to get the most out of this major part of your house. 

Are There Upgrades That Can Help Your Garage Door's Performance In The Winter?

The winter months can present numerous challenges for your garage door. Whether it is cold air seeping in through the gaps or ice forming on the exterior, it may be necessary to make upgrades to help your garage door survive these months. 

To control ice accumulations, you should consider having a deicing system installed. These are essentially weak heating elements that will raise the temperature of the garage door just enough to cause the ice to melt. When you are noticing drafts seeping in through the gaps in your door, a thick layer of insulation can be added to the interior of the door, and this should stop this problem. 

What Should You Do If The Garage Door System Is Making Loud Sounds?

There may come a day when your garage door will start making extremely loud sounds. Often, these noises take the form of grinding or whining sounds when the door is opening or closing. Sadly, this can indicate a potentially serious problem with the garage door, and you should generally avoid trying to repair the mechanical parts of the garage door yourself. 

These sounds may be caused by a misalignment in the door or a faulty spring. Both of these issues can be dangerous for you to repair. In addition to the garage door potentially falling on you, it may also be possible for the spring to snap, which can cause serious injuries. Therefore, the best option is to contact a garage door service as soon as these issues are noticed to minimize the damages that may be caused. 

Being informed about the various components of your home is essential to being a responsible homeowner. To this end, homeowners may benefit from understanding the steps they can take to improve their garage door's winter performance as well how to address a door that has started making loud sounds.

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