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You've Got The Look: 5 Ways To Jump-Start Curb Appeal

Giving your home's exterior a makeover sounds a lot harder than it really is. Even though most people don't have a lot of time or money to put into such a spruce-up project, it can still be done on a low budget and in as little as a weekend. Here are 5 ways to add curb appeal to your home without breaking the bank.

Spiff Up the Front Door

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for an aging, chipping door. Sanding, priming and painting can take a few days to complete and give you a quick result. If you need to replace a worn door, choose a replacement based on how much the area is exposed to the elements. Wood is a solid choice that looks attractive and holds up well under covered porches. If you live in harsher weather or have a more exposed front door, fiberglass and composites will keep your home looking good for many years. Add some potted plants and flowers to your entry area for that final touch.  

Replace the Garage Door

The most expensive item on this list is probably the upgrade or repair of an old garage door. But that's because it's by far the largest architectural element in view for guests approaching your home. That means it deserves special attention if there are any deficiencies. Besides looking for a working, modern door, there are several styles that add personality and charm to the home. Something like carriage doors and wood-sided ones can change the entire look of your home into something warm and inviting. Talk with professional contractors, like those at All Pro Quality Garage Doors, Inc., for more information.

Light It Up

Check your front yard lighting and replace bad bulbs and non-working lights, especially around the garage and front door. Low-voltage or solar lighting staked in the ground along the walkway and the driveway is inexpensive, prevents accidents and makes your home inviting in the evenings. 

Change Hardware

Old, rusty or chipped hardware detracts from the entrance and gives you a great place to overhaul your look. Depending on your home's overall style -- modern, craftsman, Victorian, adobe, etc. -- your choice of hardware is limitless. Many homeowners are opting for antique styles for their unique shapes, designs and classic look. For an ultra-modern home, consider an upgrade in technology, such as keyless entry. Choose a complementary sconce or two to complete the new look.  

Add Something New Underfoot

Hardscaping is a prominent part of any front yard, so take a look at yours to check for cracks, faded walkways and dated or cheap-looking materials. A walkway can be ripped out and replaced cheaply if you do the labor yourself. Natural stone, brick or cobblestone walkways offer warmth and lead guests in, and a tile or stone porch floor modernizes the entry way. While replacing a cracked or damaged driveway may be out of the budget, repair kits can be purchased in most home improvement stores.

Increasing curb appeal isn't just for those who want to sell a home. It can help make your home the haven you want to see every time you pull in the driveway. And even a few of these small changes can add up to a big makeover to your biggest family asset.  

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