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Take A Closer Look At Heating System Burnout And Clogging

Modern heating systems are reliable to the point of mitigating most fire risks, but heat is still something that you need to watch out for. From melting wire coatings to burning debris, there are a few problems that could still result in expensive heater failure or fire disaster if not maintained properly. If your heating system hasn't been performing the way it should, keep a few inspection and troubleshooting points in mind.

Wire Melting Indicates A Bigger Problem

Heating systems are designed with electrical wires that can withstand high temperatures. The heat limit or "heat test" of a wire can be purchased at different levels, but a heating unit should be designed by the manufacturer to withstand the system's maximum temperatures.

If your heater suddenly shuts off at strange times without energy-saving settings or seems to lose power completely, you need to check the entire electrical path. From the building wiring to the control console, there may be different areas where heat could have damaged the wires.

Melted wires are an indicator of two possible problems: inferior wiring used by the manufacturer or critical temperatures in the heating unit. The first issue needs to be taken up with the manufacturer through either warranty or consumer safety reporting, while the second could mean that other components are failing to limit the heat.

Although heating units have a maximum temperature, electricity is used to produce that heat in many cases. If there is a constant flow of electricity either because a temperature control is missing or an electrical wire is touching the heating mechanism directly, the temperature can continue to rise as high as the electricity can charge. Even though there is a limit to residential electricity's potency, there's still enough to burn other components or start a full fire.

If there are burned materials, stop using the heater immediately. Contact a heating repair professional, such as those at Custom Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning Inc, for an expert analysis of the situation and a likely replacement.

Constant Debris Problems Means Filter Failure

After not using a heating system for a long time, it's understandable that a burning smell can fill the building. Accumulated dust burns should clear out within the day. But if the problem continues for a few days, the ventilation and air filters need to be cleaned by a professional or be replaced.

An excessive amount of debris means that the heating area isn't clean. Although filters exist to block a lot of the debris, it should still be located in an enclosed area that isn't exposed to the elements if possible. Dirt, sand, leaves and other debris entering a hole in a basement or equipment room must be taken care of before using the heater extensively.

The ventilation shafts can be difficult to access, and may require a professional to take apart and clean or replace. Contact a heating repair expert to begin professional cleaning, inspections and replacements if necessary.

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