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New Tech For More Efficiently Transferring Dock Cargo

The transfer of cargo from boats to nearby facilities is one of the most crucial parts of the supply chain in any business. Here are a few ways to more efficiently move cargo without losing track of it or have it delayed in its delivery.

Smart Tracking Software

In order to make sure there are no costly delays in cargo transfer from a ship to a dock through a crane, one approach being used is new cargo tracking software. Many companies that need to do a lot of transfer via cranes are making use of shipping software to make sure that nothing is lost along the way.

After all, many construction materials are going to look the same, even though each crate might be unique inside. This is why relying on a visual confirmation from workers is often not going to be enough. Instead, special sensors are used to make sure that construction materials can be identified and tracked even if they are misplaced by a cargo crane.

This also allows the owner of the construction equipment to track the progress of the shipment from where it first departs on a boat to where it's transferred via crane to a shipping truck, and finally to where it arrives at a facility. This prevents many misplaced cargo crates and cuts down on delays and inefficiency.

Variable Frequency-Drive Cranes

Another aspect of cargo transfer that can improve the efficiency of any construction operation involving efficient shipping is crane accuracy. This problem is also being tackled these days, however, through the use of a new crane technology called Variable Frequency Drive. This type of crane is specifically useful for substantially heavy cargo such as construction equipment.

This is because the new drive is able to change the rotational speed of a crane's electric motor. The drive achieves this by managing the electric power frequency distribution to the motor. Older cranes that make use of hydraulics had a problem of leaking internally. This is why traditional cranes move much more slowly at first to prevent the pressure from being too high.

The problem is that this made traditional cranes suffer in terms of accuracy, since aiming it at the beginning was harder. The new cranes are more efficient, since their systems don't have this problem trying to prevent leakage. This allows them to be more accurate, which in turn allows them to be more efficient, because less motion is wasted.

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