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Three Ways To Control Insects During Construction or Renovations

When you are building any structure, an outbreak of pests can be one of the most disheartening things that you can come across. Because of this, it pays to learn some valuable tips for controlling insects. The following resource will help you out with this, so that you can keep your new construction or renovation pest free. Put these tips into action and never hesitate to contact a pest control contractor for more help in controlling insects.

#1: Safeguard The Exterior Of The Structure

There are a lot of physical steps that you can take in order to keep pests out of a building. One great step to take involves inspecting and reapplying the weather stripping in your building so that bugs don't have an easy entrance to infiltrate the home and create nests. You'll also need to be sure that you do all that you can to keep your basement dry through water proofing, plumbing maintenance and speedy attention to any leaks and damage. Further, keeping your building free of nearby wood piles and shrubs prevents these insects from breeding within close proximity of the property. 

#2: Throw Insects Off With Scents

You probably know that insects are attracted to certain scents emitted by flowers, leaves and other plants. But did you know that you can use these scents to your advantage? By planting a plethora of crops of all different species, you will be able to confuse any insects, so that they don't pick up the proper signal. For instance, planting a garden with broccoli and hot peppers can serve to offset the scent of honeysuckle that a variety of pests might pick up and flock to. Visit your local nursery and speak to someone to learn more about how this biodiversity can work in your favor. 

#3: Encourage Predators To Assist You

Constructing live ponds and bird houses provide far more benefits than just aesthetics. By creating habitats on the property, you are bringing in the predators that will keep insects at bay and under control. Building a bird house is a great start as they will come to feed and drink and will also help to curb the breeding of insects around the perimeter of your property. Likewise, digging a pond allows you to bring in toads, which feast upon the insects that will create issues in your building. 

Take advantage of these courses of action to control the insects around and inside of where you are doing construction.

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