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Simple Tips To Help Keep Your Dumpster Odor-Free

Dumpsters are a lifesaver when it comes to managing trash. However, when not managed properly, they can become a source of unbearable odors that can make your home uninhabitable. This is in addition to becoming a health hazard by creating an infestation-friendly environment for pests and bacteria. Here are dumpster management tips to help your keep your home safe and odor-free.

Use taste deterrents

Taste deterrents are effective when it comes to dissuading animals such as feral cats from invading your dumpster. Given that animals such as cats and dogs can tear your garbage bags and expose your home to unbearable dumpster odors, taste deterrents are an effective way of preventing foul smells from invading your home.

There are different types of deterrents in the market. Bitter and spicy hot deterrents are the most common and the most effective. However, if you have to choose between the two, you should go for the bitter ones, as they are known to work without fail on both dogs and cats.

Take advantage of the clay cat litter drying effect

Dumpsters usually smell when bacteria attack the garbage in your dumpster. Since bacteria only thrive in moist conditions, getting rid of moisture will significantly reduce the level of infestation. Using clay cat litter in your dumpster will help reduce the level of bad smell emissions simply because it is an effective drying agent. For better effect, spray it in the dumpster before using it.

Cleaning with vinegar and bleach

Cleaning your dumpster on a regular basis will help get rid of already-rotten garbage that contains bacteria. Doing so therefore significantly reduces the rate at which the new garbage will rot. For better results, you can use vinegar when cleaning it as it can help to break any greasy or oily residue from the dumpster. It also helps to eliminate any traces of bacteria. Chlorine bleach can also do the trick.

Use lime powder

Lime powder is effective when it comes to neutralizing bad smells. While taste deterrents help to ensure that your garbage is not exposed, lime helps to neutralize any bad smells that may still escape the plastic bags used to wrap your garbage. Using lime powder's neutralizing effect, in addition to taste deterrents' preventative effect, is therefore a better strategy.

You should however remember to wear a respiratory mask when applying the lime powder. This is because of the risk of respiratory damage that the inhalation of the powder can cause. Also, don't forget to keep the powder off your skin, as it can cause irritation. Working gloves might come in handy in helping you do so.

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