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3 Common Issues With Central Air Conditioning Systems

Is your air conditioning system acting erratically? Central air conditioning systems are extremely complex, and there are a variety of problems that you can run into that will leave you either sweltering or shivering. Luckily, most of these problems are fairly common and many of them have rather easy solutions. If you aren't eager to call in your air conditioner repair company, you can try to troubleshoot some of the more common problems on your own. Just make sure you don't touch anything electrical unless you are experienced in electrical work!

1. Your Air Conditioner Keeps Switching On and Off

Usually this is a problem with your condenser unit, which is located outside of your home. This can happen if the condenser is dirty or blocked in some way; consequently, it happens most often when there has been bad weather, such as a storm. You should not deal with your condenser yourself, as it could be dangerous (the condenser is an electrical object which is usually outside).

2. Your Air Conditioner Operates But Won't Cool When It Should

This problem is almost always caused by a malfunctioning thermostat. Attempt to set the temperature even lower to see whether your air conditioner does kick in. If it does, there are two possibilities: your thermostat could be broken or it could be next to something very warm. If there isn't a lamp or something similar next to your thermostat, it's more likely that your thermostat is broken and needs to be either repaired or replaced. 

3. Your Air Conditioner Is Only Cooling Part of Your Home

Central air systems are designed to direct a certain amount of cool air to each portion of your home. Certain things can influence this air distribution, such as items within a room and people within a room. If you find that parts of your home are remaining warm while others get chilly, you need to have a professional like one from Advanced Appliance Service Inc balance your system to push more cool air to certain rooms. And there is also another, more obvious, solution: you could have closed the vents to certain rooms and never opened them again.  

Central air conditioning systems, as a whole, are usually very reliable. Most of the problems that you encounter with your central air system should be easily fixed as long as you call an air conditioner repair technician. Experiment with turning the system on and off and setting the temperature manually before you call, as there may simply be some small glitches in the system.

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