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When Is A Metal Roof A Good Choice?

When people discuss the cost of a roof, they are often only talking about the initial cost of installing a roof. When you use initial cost as your only criteria for choosing a roof for your home asphalt shingles emerge as the best roofing material because they cost less than other materials. However, once you begin to factor in repair and replacement costs, asphalt shingles lose their cost advantage. If you are willing to pay more to install a metal roof on your home, you can get better value for your money. 

Concerns When Installing a Metal Roof

Some people are reluctant to install a metal roof. Some of the main reasons for this include the following: the look of the roof, the noise it makes, rust damage, and paint fading. 

1. If you are trying to create a traditional look for your home, you may think that you need to avoid metal roofing because it is often used to create an industrial or modern look for a home. On the other hand, metal has been used in roofing applications for hundreds of years, so choosing a metal roof panel does not necessarily mean you are creating a modern-looking roof. The right panel can give your roof a historic look, and if you forego a metal panel in favor of shingles, you can give your roof a more traditional look.

2. While it is true that hail falling on a metal roof will create more noise than hail falling on a shingle roof, good insulation will diminish the noise. Furthermore, there are those who find the noise of precipitation falling on a metal roof to be soothing. 

3. If you use a plain steel roof, then rust is a concern. On the other hand, a galvanized steel roof can last for at least 60 years without any signs of wear from corrosion. Copper and aluminum will have natural corrosion resistance that can make it a non factor.

4. If you use a copper roof, you might not want to cover the natural beauty of the metal. On the other hand, you will probably want to paint an aluminum or galvanized steel roof. A good paint should carry a warranty for 25 years, after which, you can touch up the paint to cover up any fading and give your roof a fresh look. 

Metal roofs hold up well to weather damage, and can outlast an asphalt-shingle roof by three decades. Thus, if you are looking to cut costs, a metal roof can make a good choice. For more information, contact Absolute Roofing.

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Vinyl Siding Variations

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