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How To Set Up A Smart Sprinkler Controller To Save Water And Money

A sprinkler system is a great way to take care of your lawn without the hassle of moving a hose and manual sprinklers around your yard. Nevertheless, they can also use far more water than you expect them to. One of the best ways to eliminate that extra water and still keep your lawn looking great is to install a smart controller for your sprinklers. By using this controller, you can effectively manage your lawn sprinklers from wherever you are and make sure that your lawn is getting just as much water as it needs without wasting more.

Setting up a smart controller

A smart controller isn't too beneficial without an internet connection. Once you have wired your new smart controller to your house, make sure to set it up on your wireless network. This allows it to be seen by your smartphone and also get pertinent information from the internet. When it is connected to the internet, many smart controllers will check weather services and gauge if your watering schedule will be needed on any given day. If the forecast calls for rain, it will skip a watering cycle so that your lawn doesn't get too much water.

Another series of connections that your smart controller may be able to make is Bluetooth connections to humidity sensors in your yard. These humidity sensors create an ad-hoc mesh network that will let your controller know if it needs to skip a cycle on one of your stations because it is too wet. It will also let your controller know if its area needs extra watering time because the soil is too dry. As a result, your lawn will look great without your intervention!

Setting a watering schedule

Your smart controller will allow you to set a watering schedule for the entire watering season if you so desire. This is important because your lawn needs varying amounts of water throughout the year. When it is spring you can get away with much less water than your yard will need in the middle of the summer. Likewise, you will want to taper your watering off again as it gets into the fall. Build this into your schedule by setting everything up on your smartphone as soon as you've got your controller working properly. 

Make sure to water your lawn in the evenings to reduce evaporation and consider having multiple waves of water. If you give your yard all of its water at once, you can end up with a lot of runoff into your gutters. As a result, you will spend money sending water down the drain instead of having it benefit your lawn.

Through this process, you will be able to reduce the amount of money you spend on your lawn significantly as well as make it look better than ever!

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