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How to Make Coasters from Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tile works well in bathrooms, kitchen back-splashes and of course floors, but what about using them in a different way. They work well as coasters, to protect your wood furniture from water rings as well. You can purchase patterned ceramic tile to match your decor, or you can go a different route. You can create your very own, one of a kind coasters.

Here's What You'll Need:

  • 4x4 ceramic tile (color is optional)
  • mod podge craft adhesive
  • foam brushes
  • self adhesive cork or felt pads
  • 4 x 4 prints of your favorite photos, printed on acid free paper 


  1. Take your ceramic tile and paint it with the mod podge craft adhesive, using your foam brush. Apply just a thin coat.
  2. Lay your first photo on top of the ceramic tile immediately after, while the glue is still wet and press down firmly.
  3. Apply three thin, separate coats of mod podge to the top of your photo. Be sure to apply it all over the top and sides of the ceramic tile and photo, and that every coat is dry before applying the next one. The mod podge will look a little white at first, but it will dry clear.  
  4. Finally, add the cork or the felt pads to the bottom of the ceramic tile. Cut the cork to size with a craft knife, and then stick it to the bottom of the tile. Use a felt pad for each of the four corners of the tile. You use these items so your furniture doesn't get scratched or damaged from the ceramic tile. 
  5. Allow the mod podge to cure for at least three days prior to using your new ceramic tile coaster.

You can paint these tiles with a clear polyurethane paint to help protect them from getting damaged from condensation.

Here's another type of coaster you can make using basic white ceramic tiles with your kids:

  • Simply have your child color your ceramic tiles with permanent, fine-tipped markers. Any color or combination of colors is fine, but be sure the entire top of the tile is covered. 
  • With parental help, use rubbing alcohol, and a straw or an eyedropper to place droplets of the rubbing alcohol onto the ceramic tiles. 
  • Allow the alcohol to pool, but be sure not to use too much. You'll notice the color begin to really pop.
  • Let the alcohol and tiles dry for about a half an hour.
  • Once completely dry, you can seal and protect your designs using a clear polyurethane.
  • Apply felt pads or cork to the bottom of the coasters.

These ceramic tile coasters are great for your own home, or can be used as gifts for someone special. 

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