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Finding The Source Of The Leak

If you have a leak in your roof, sometimes finding the source can be harder than doing the repair. Since roofs are sloped, the dripping inside may be lower than the actual leak on the outside of the roof. Here are some tips to help you locate the area of the roof that needs fixing.

Check The Ceiling

If you are having water drip down walls in your home, the leak may be higher up on the other side of the ceiling. Check the ceiling for any apparent water marks or beading water. You may notice some areas where the plaster is falling from the ceiling. Follow it upward to see if there are any areas above that look as if water may be pooling on the other side.

Checking The Attic

Sometimes you can see water damaged areas better in the attic of your home. Get up in the attic and take a look at the ceiling for a clue as to where the water may be entering. Search for areas that may look darkened. The other side of this area may contain the leak.

Get On The Roof

Call up a couple of friends to help you when you get on your rooftop to take a look around. You will want one available to spot you as you are on the roof in case you slip and fall. They can hold the ladder for you as you get up and down and keep an eye on things as you are walking around.

The other friend will stay inside the home in the roof where you have noticed leaking. Bring a garden hose up on the roof with you and leave the water running in one area for about five minutes. Have your friend yell if any water is seen leaking in the home, or use cell phones or walkie talkies to communicate. Move the hose to a new location every five minutes until you are informed that the leaking is being seen.

Check The Shingles And Flashing

When you have pinpointed the approximate area of the leak, you will want to peel back the shingles from the roof to take a peek underneath. If you see any moisture or decay, you have found the area that needs repair.

Many times leaking happens when the flashing around vents or chimneys on the roof is decaying. Check these areas for rusted flashing or flashing that is no longer held into place with caulk. You can replace these pieces and attach them using new caulk to make a good seal from water getting inside.

For professional roofing help, contact a company like Gulfside Roofing Inc. It can be dangerous to attempt roofing repairs on your own, so contact professionals if you feel unsure.

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Vinyl Siding Variations

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