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Steps To Take When You're Out Of Hot Water

If you've gotten up to take a shower only to realize there is no hot water, it isn't a very good start to the day. One of your first priorities is how to get your hot water back on and flowing. It's important to determine if it's just a minor problem or a major one that requires professional servicing. If you're completely unfamiliar with plumbing and heating and specifically hot water heaters, you should call a plumbing company right away. Qualified professionals will be able to troubleshoot and determine the best resolution for your issue. Here are few ways to get started.

Troubleshoot Your Existing Model

If after running your tap for a few minutes to find that the water is only lukewarm or completely cold, chances are your hot water heater is not functioning properly. Go to the tank and check for any leaks in or around the tank. If there is a puddle of water near the tank, it could be a leaking drain valve.

The drain valve is located at the bottom of the tank. If you see water dripping from it, try tightening it to see if it remedies the problem. If there's no leak, it could be that the power to the tank has been diminished. Check the breaker on the wall to see if it has been switched off. If so, turn to the "on" position. If the heater has power, listen closely to hear if it's running. If it's silent, it could be a bad heating element or thermostat.

Call A Plumbing Professional

Contacting a plumbing professional will help to determine the exact cause of the unit not working properly. After the unit is flushed, he will determine how long it takes for the unit to refill and how quickly it heats up. If this is unsuccessful, it's time to proceed to electrical troubleshooting. From there, he will be able to determine if parts can be replaced or you should invest in a new unit.

Switching From Electric To Gas

If you decide to upgrade to an energy efficient gas hot water heater, new gas lines and plumbing lines will have to be installed. This means mapping out the best location for your new hot water heater so it can work as effectively as possible. In some cases, when installing newer gas water heater models, you'll have to upgrade your electrical system to accommodate the power needed for the new tank.

Choosing A Tankless Hot Water Tank

Newer options include tankless hot water tanks. They are highly energy efficient and only use the minimal amount of energy to heat the water that you actually use. This can save you hundreds of dollars more on your heat and electricity on an annual basis, but units cost more upfront.

When a plumbing emergency arises, don't hesitate to call a water heater repair company or emergency plumbing service who will help resolve your water issue quickly. Discuss your household options as well as your budget with your plumbing professional. Come up with a new model or viable solution to help keep your hot water tank working as effectively as possible.

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