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3 Techniques Your Locksmith May Use To Gain Entry To Your Home

If you have locked yourself out of your home, a locksmith can help you to regain access while minimizing the amount of damage that is done to your door and lock in the process. In order to accomplish this task, locksmiths will typically use three different techniques. Below you will learn more about each of these techniques in the order that they are most commonly used.

Lock Picking

Locksmiths are often able to manipulate a lock using either hand or electric picking tools. These tools are designed to allow locksmiths to raise the tumblers inside the lock to the appropriate position for the lock to open.

When done correctly, lock picking will not cause any damage to the lock that is being manipulated. Consequently, this will typically be the first method that all locksmiths try when dealing with a residential lockout. Unfortunately, this technique will not be successful in all cases, especially when dealing with high security locks that are often designed to be resistant to picking.


Impressioning is a rather complex process in which locksmiths attempt to make a key for your lock without removing the lock from the door. This is done by inserting a blank key into the lock and using the impressions left by the tumblers to create a working key.

The process of impressioning does not cause any damage to the lock, but it can be quite time consuming. Since the goal of most locksmiths is to be both fast and effective, locksmiths may choose not to use this method if they have reason to believe it will not be successful. For instance, when working with high security locks, the time invested in impressioning will often be lost due to the complexity of the tumbler positions.


When all else has failed, a locksmith may drill into the lock in order to gain access to your home. While this technique is incredibly effective on all locks, it will destroy the lock in the process. Consequently, locksmiths will typically reserve this option as a last resort. If drilling is necessary to gain access to your home, your locksmith can assist you in replacing the damaged lock for an additional charge.

In Conclusion

While the primary goal of any locksmith will be to gain entry to your home without damaging your lock, accomplishing this goal may not always be possible. When dealing with certain types of locks, destroying the lock may be the only way to gain access quickly. By working their way from the least invasive to the most invasive techniques, locksmiths are able to ensure that these drastic measures are only taken when absolutely necessary.

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