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How To Choose Paint That Matches Your Shingles

Painting your house is a splendid way to give it a fresh and stylish look, but trying to coordinate your color with asphalt shingles can be daunting. A stroll through any neighborhood will provide examples of people who got it wrong; mismatched color combinations and unappealing palettes are common sights. Paint is designed to last a long time, and mistakes will haunt you for years.  Selecting your colors with care will ensure your house stands out--for the right reasons.


Start by observing your shingles in varying light conditions and during different times of day. Is your roof in the "warm" or "cool" color family? This will be a principal consideration as you select paint. Stay in your color family; a cool gray house will never look right with a warm brown roof. If you opt for a bold color, choosing from the correct family is especially important and will make your home pleasing and distinct.

Even if you prefer a neutral color, recognizing the difference between warm and cool paints is still key. A creamy white paint is warm because of its whisper of yellow, while a snowy white paint is cool because it has a kiss of blue. Both paints give you a white house, but only one will match your shingles! Paying attention to these subtleties can help you get the perfect look that matches well.


Your next step should be a literal one--on the rung of a ladder. You need to examine your shingles up close. From a distance they may appear to be a uniform color, but with close inspection you'll find they are actually a combination of several colors. Manufactures make shingles by taking a base, coating it with asphalt, and adhering small, pebble-like minerals to the surface. These tiny rocks come in a rainbow of colors, and though they are usually dominated by the central, neutral color, like black, brown, or gray, there will be several accent colors mixed in. You may be surprised to find that red, blue, and green flecks pepper your shingles!

These accent colors affect the overall tone of the shingle and should consider them when choosing exterior paint. They can be a superb inspiration for trim colors, or even for the body of the house. At a minimum, they should coordinate, not clash, with the palette you choose.


Before deciding on paint, ask your contractor if they provide a color consultation. Many professional painters offer this service for free, and they have experience in coordinating paint with shingles. Use their insight; it's one of your best resources! Talk to businesses like M.S. Chem-Dry I & II.

You can be confident that your color scheme will offset your roof impeccably if you are smart when you choose the paint. Pay attention to the details and let the shingles be your guide, and you will have a striking home with strong curb appeal--for many years to come.

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Vinyl Siding Variations

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